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Dissemination and Promotion of Association Agreement EU – CA


  • Project: Dissemination and Promotion of Association Agreement EU - CA
  • Contracting Authority : European Union
  • Location : Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama
  • Period: 2019-2021

Project description

The general objective of the INTEC Project of which this contract is part is the following: “Reduce regional obstacles to competitiveness and diversification in Central America, facilitating Trade and increasing the ability to market goods and services.”

This contract supports the implementation of the communication and visibility strategy and plan at the regional level, covering the various target audiences defined.

Expected results

R1. Communicated, informed and sensitized the target population of the region, about the Association Agreement between the EU and CA, the Roadmap of the Central American Customs Union, the Central American Strategy for Trade Facilitation and Competitiveness with emphasis on Coordinated Border Management, including the Agreement on Trade Facilitation of the WTO.

R2. Prepared articles and awareness-raising actions on issues within the scope of the Project in accordance with the provisions of the PPO and the planned activities.