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Technical Assistance to Rural and Local Development Project in Guatemala


  • Project: Technical Assistance to Rural and Local Development Project in Guatemala
  • Contracting Authority : European Commission
  • Location : Guatemala
  • Period: 2007-2012


The Specific Objective aims to “Improve the management of Local Policies and Public Programmes throughout the strengthening of capabilities of Local Authorities at Municipal and Inter.-municipal level in order to achieve the improvement of life condition of rural populations, increasing socio-economic investments and social and productive infrastructures ”. The intervention concerns 22 Municipalities and the two Inter.-municipalities of MAMSOHUE and Huistas in the development of new policies both at social and economic level.

Expected Results

Result 1: Capacity building for participative Land Planning: Support in the creation of proper policies and tools for participative planning and implementation of sustainable territorial development strengthening capacity building of regional and local authorities.
Result 2: Sustainable strategic production systems: Validation and extension of strategic production systems in the territories covered by the two Inter.-Municipalities of Huista and MAMSOHUE, strengthening rural and local development in the area of intervention according to the new legal framework
Result 3: Food Security: Identification of sustainable policies and actions for food availability, access and use. The project support the design, planning and implementation of public policies at national, regional and local level; strengthening of local committees for early warning of food crisis; strengthening of producers associations and organizations; strengthening and improvement of production systems; support to national Authorities in planning new policies to support proper producers organizations in order to facilitate agro-export.