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Technical Assistance to the Programme Protection of Trinational Biosphere Trifinio Fraternidad


  • Project: Technical Assistance to the Programme Protection of Trinational Biosphere Trifinio Fraternidad
  • Contracting Authority : Repubblica Federale della Germania (KfW)
  • Location : Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador
  • Period: 2020-2024

Project description

General objective: Contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (13 Climate Action and 15 Life of Terrestrial Ecosystems) and the Man and the Biosphere Programme – MAB, to achieve the sustainable management of natural resources and conservation of biodiversity, ensuring the human well-being of the communities in the Trifinio Fraternidad Transboundary Biosphere Reserve.

Specific objective: Contribute to the sustainable provision of ecosystem services of the RBTTF and improve the quality of life of the rural population facing the effects of climate change

Expected results

R1. The management of the RBTTF has been improved: Preparation of the Trinational Management Plan of the RBTTF; Design and establishment of communication, articulation and coordination tools; Design and establishment of an M&E System; Provision of equipment and production of materials for the implementation of the Environmental Education Plan for the RBTTF.

R2. The protected areas prioritized by the project have management instruments, infrastructure and equipment for the control and surveillance and attention to visitors: Updating and preparation of management plans and public use plans; Construction of infrastructure and provision of control and surveillance equipment and visitor care in PAs; Introduction of Financial sustainability mechanisms.

R3. Producers implement sustainable production practices that are resilient to climate change: Agroforestry systems and coffee value chain; Agrosilvopastoral systems, dairy value chain; Agroecological production of vegetables and fruits and post-harvest operations; Germplasm Rescue Center and support for Climate Change Resilience Research.