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Environment and Land Planning

Environment and Land Planning

Proatec S.r.l. gives special relevance to studies and projects concerning environmental protection, being compromised in consulting services related with the improvement of environmental quality, analysis of environmental impact, environmental engineering, water quality, protection and conservation of natural resources.

Main services concern:

  • Studies of Environmental Impact;
  • Engineering for drinking water and wastewater, including treatment plants;
  • Design and implementation of plants for management and treatment of Municipal Solid Wastes;
  • Supervision of works for environmental works;
  • Projects concerning protection and conservation of renewable natural resources;
  • Management of contaminated soils
  • Environmental audits.

In the sector of Land Planning, Proatec is working throughout investigations on land Use, territorial analysis and related management consulting, land censuses of thematic cadastres (electrification of rural areas, wine cadastre, olive tree cadastre and arable land cadastre) related with contribution of the European Union:

  • Land Planning;
  • Urban Development and property management;
  • Informative mapping;
  • Informative management of Territory Information.

For Land Planning sector we work at municipal, inter-municipal, provincial and regional scale, identifying the different environmental units, with information ranging from socioeconomic data to infrastructures as well as the other factors of the territory.