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Social Development

Social Development

In the area of social development, Proatec performed consulting services in Education, Healthcare and Fight against Poverty.

In the Education sector, Proatec S.r.l. develops activities on support to formulation of public sectorial policies both at national (Ministry of Education) and land level (departmental, regional and provincial directions), formulating strategies and articulating local policies with central dispositions. Furthermore develops coaching activities for curricular reforms, environmental education, vocational training, in order to promote the employment of young generations, which, in developing countries, represent more than 50% of the whole population. Proatec has a particular experience in designing and realising scholar infrastructures, as well mobile units for training, which had a strong impact on rural populations.

In the Health sector, Proatec S.r.l. develops supporting activities in order to plan sectorial policies, at national and local level, boosting institutional capacities, giving particular importance to rural areas and populations which generally have not access to sustainable services (hospital management, institutional strengthening, evaluation systems, capacitation, communitarian organisation, etc.). Furthermore Proatec S.r.l. has experience in design and implementing infrastructures proper for rural areas (turnkey projects, consulting, training, supply and works, pharmacy).

It also carries out activities related with poverty reduction through support programmes for underprivileged groups, ethnic minorities, refugees, women and children, institutional strengthening, good governance, decentralised cooperation, human rights, support to local communities and civil society.