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Economic Development and Strengthening of SMEs

Economic Development and Strengthening of SMEs

The economic development department of PROATEC has gained extensive experience in studies and technical assistance that support the development of trade, the integration of regional markets, the strengthening of SMEs and cooperatives.

Private Sector and Development of Small and Medium Enterprises: Market studies and analysis, Business studies, business strategies, business planning, technical, trading, financial and personnel organization, quality process assurance, Support in the establishment of Joint-Ventures , Strengthen the manufacturing capabilities of the sector (including industrial modernization), Business innovation, Business development services (including programs for new entrepreneurs), Trade associations and investment structures, Financial sector, Corporate social responsibility, inclusive entrepreneurial activities / sustainable, Warehouse protection systems, Inter-sectorial issues (SMEs, tourism, value chains, cultural industries), Studies of waste disposal and reuse including with energy or fertilizer production, Environmental impact analysis.

Regional development: interregional and cross-border cooperation, articulation of development policies, structural funds, promotion and dissemination of international agreements, harmonization of national rules with regional and international agreements.

Development and promotion of investments: Design and implementation of business development and investment promotion projects, Policies and consultancy on commercial and foreign direct investments to executive agencies for the implementation of policies, Development of skills for negotiation, planning and implementation of trade agreements, Removal of technical barriers to trade, support in the implementation of SPS agreements, Strategic planning for the economic environment and business growth, WTO access, Trade policy and regulation / Favorable environment.