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Rural and Local Development

Agriculture and Rural Development

The Rural and Local Development Department carries out studies, investigations, technical assistance and training to programmes and projects related to rural world in developing conutries and Europe,  on the following:

  • Agriculture: farm planning and management with both traditional and organic farming systems, conservation and management of wood land and forestry, agricultural mechanisation, irrigation schemes with more rational technologies, design of rural infrastructures, fisheries;
  • Post harvesting phase, moving from organisation of negotiation and marketing processes  of food products;
  • Rural Credit (including micro-credit) and related financing systems, over the acquirement of funds throughout intermediary Institutions;
  • Agro-tourism and Eco-tourism throughout development plans, promotion and marketing, draw up of thematic mapping and guides;
  • Development of handicraft and other economic development, prioritizing activities oriented to increase the add-value of woman contribution in rural economies.
  • Support to Central Public Institutions (Ministries, Secretaries, Central Authorities), guarantying support to planning of sectorial public policies, from agriculture and environment to hygiene and health, judiciary, instruction and education, economy and finance, infrastructures; facilitating the decentralisation processes; giving contribution to the development of institutional capacity building, good governance and democratic development.
  • Local Authorities (Regional, Provincial, Departmental, Municipal, Inter-municipal Associations), giving contribution to strength public officers, institutional capacity building and local good governance;
  • Other local institutions (Foundations, Universities), offering support and consulting services in order to boost their capacities;
  • Management of public utilities, collaborating in planning of logistics and rationalisation of public utilities (water, sewerages, treatment plants, management of municipal solid wastes, electricity, irrigation schemes, gas, telecommunications and transport.
  • Organisation of Civil Society and Non-Governmental Organisations, giving support to their development capacities.