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Integrate Management and Master Plan of Pilcomayo river basin


  • Project: Integrate Management and Master Plan of Pilcomayo river basin
  • Contracting Authority : European Commission
  • Location : Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay
  • Period: 2002-2010


Technical Assistance to Tri-national Commission of Pilcomayo watershed, in order to carry out the Master Plan which will permit to draw up and orient all activities and the financial plan at short, medium and long time, for the whole river basin area (+/- 272,000 Kms2). The river basin, located in Bolivia, Argentina, Paraguay, is affected by environmental degradation due to erosion and pollution phenomena in the upper part, where the medium and lower area presents heavy flooding phenomena and water pollution which affect the rural local economy of the whole region. The European Technical Assistance, jointly with regional technicians, has the task to study all physical, economic and social aspects, transfer of know-how, planning and supervise all necessary measures in order to draw up a proper Master Plan for a sustainable development according to the requirements of the environment and indigenous populations.

The Master Plan aims to plan interventions to manage the Pilcomayo river basin on the following:
1. Draw up an overall Development Plan;
2. Draw up an Environmental Protection System;
3. Carry out sectorial studies on Hydrogeology, geomorphology, land use, erosion, flooding areas, hydrology, remote sensing analysis, rural sociology, rural development, urban development, producers organisation, etc.
4. Draw up and first phase implementation of a general integrated Master Plan until 2025;
5. Draw up and first support to a sustainable Trinational Authority for follow up of the study results and permanent management of the watershed.

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