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Technical Assistance for the reorganisation of Colletive Cooperatives of Zimbabwe, OCCZIM


  • Project: Technical Assistance for the reorganisation of Colletive Cooperatives of Zimbabwe, OCCZIM
  • Contracting Authority : European Commission
  • Location : Zimbabwe
  • Period: 1997-1998


The project aimed to support the National Organisation of Collective Co-operatives of Zimbabwe (OCCZIM) throughout a technical assistance to various co-operatives operating in irrigation agriculture. The project has been financed by the National Co-operative Italian Association and partially by the European Commission (CDI Funds) with the aim to boost the Zimbabwean co-operative system throughout an improvement of human resources capacities of OCCZIM’s managers and members. The strategy developed has strengthened the existing institutional base reorganising the co-operatives in order to permit a large participation of stakeholders in designing and implementing project proposals. The project has implemented training courses and technical assistance activities of both farmers and field extension staff. A proper participatory methodology has been identified. The technical assistance services have been provided both according marketing requirements and irrigated production requested (french beans, asparagus, hors season small vegetables both for export and national markets).


• Agro-industrial Development Plan
• Enhanced capacities of the OCCZIM officers and extension agents
• Strengthening of co-operatives management staff
• Rehabilitation and revamping of several small agricultural processing units
• Increased technical and managerial capacities of members and operators
• Members’ empowerment achieved
• Rehabilitation of 1,800 irrigated areas
• Increased levels of household Food Security
• New Strategic Development Plan