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Endogenous Development of Los Llanos


  • Project: Endogenous Development of Los Llanos
  • Contracting Authority : Republic of Venezuela
  • Location : Venezuela
  • Period: 2006-2010


The Master Plan is framed in the National Transportation Plan aiming the objective to promote agricultural and livestock production throughout production systems based on high quality in order to reduce importations. The policy of President Hugo Chávez aims to promote development of rural productions as one of main development benchmarks, in order to guarantee food security of populations and the socioeconomic development of rural internal areas of the country. The programme has the objective to recover the production system throughout the dynamisation and strengthening of agro-food chains, as well as land system environments and sectors, promoting the creation of new industrial districts according to patterns existing in south Europe, and improving the institutional capabilities in planning and managing proper policies for a sustainable development. At the same time the Programme is promoting the competitivity of rural organization in order to guarantee foos security of rural populations as well better life conditions throughout more sustainable integrated food chains (from field to the markets). The Master Plan strategy is based on an endogenous development and industrial districts which have produced interesting results in other developing areas during last decades. Furthermore the Master Plan foresees the realization on a Integrated Training Plan throughout “planning of proper structures and training needs of rural producers in know-ledge concerning modern and competitive agri-production systems throughout new and sustainable technologies oriented to high quality standards.

Feasibility Studies and Master Plan

• Oil processing plants;
• Milk processing Plants;
• Processing of slaughterhouse by-products;
• Processing of fruit and vegetable;
• Wholesale national market;
• Mitigation measures for cotton industry.