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Protection of Tropical Forest and Watershed in the Trifinio Region


  • Project: Protection of Tropical Forest and Watershed in the Trifinio Region
  • Contracting Authority : Federal Republic of Germany (KfW)
  • Location : Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador
  • Period: 2011-2016

Project Description

The project aimed to protect and improve the rural environment in the Trifiño area located among Guatemala, Honduras and Salvador boundaries. During the last phase, the program has implemented various activities concerning local economic development supporting small holders initiatives on diversification of the agricultural production, creation of Farmers Association, organisation of agro-industry systems and marketing (coffee, wood products, dairy products, etc.


• Increased social and economic conditions of the rural inhabitants with particular emphasis on gender equity issues;
• Establishment of new rural organisations on entrepreneurial basis able to process and commercialise various agricultural products;
• Improvement of soil conservation and environmental protection;
• Strengthening of Farmers Association;
• Training of leaders of rural communities;
• Support the local institution in projects’ proposal preparations, feasibility studies and facilitate contacts with national and international funding sources