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  • 14 Calle 13-98, Zona 10 Oakland, Guatemala City, Guatemala, CA

Integrated Rural Development Programme of Trifinio Region


  • Project: Integrated Rural Development Programme of Trifinio Region
  • Contracting Authority : European Commission
  • Location : Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador
  • Period: 1998-2002

Overall Objective

To contribute to Natural Resources Conservation within the Trifinio Region focusing actions to ecosystems in order to take face to climatic changes effects.

Specific Objective

To contribute to strengthening capabilities of non-state actors living in water basin and protected areas, in managing sustainable practices and techniques for natural resources.


• Strengthening Municipalities and Local Authorities in Environmental Management (Land Planning, t to UGAM, early warning, mitigation works, training);
• Sustainable Management of Natural Resources (forest conservation and plantation, sustainable livestock, agro-forest systems, coffee processing);
• Protected Areas (Delimitation and Demarcation of Protected Areas, Infrastructures and Equipment, Communication and Dissemination, Technical Studies).