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Technical assistance to export promotion policies in Peru – EUROECOTRADE


  • Project: Technical assistance to export promotion policies in Peru - EUROECOTRADE
  • Contracting Authority : European Union
  • Location : Peru
  • Period: 2014-2016

Project Description

The Overall objective of the programme is “To give financial and technical support to the proper implementation of Peruvian polices for the promotion of exports of organic products”.

The specific objective is to “Enhance capabilities of the actors involved in the chain of production-export of organic products”.

Expected Results

R1. The capabilities of public institutions that perform functions related to foreign trade and the protection of the environment have been strengthened (including prevention against the effects of climatic events and water management), both at central and decentralized level in several selected areas.

R2. The capabilities of exporters and potential exporters of organic products have been increased, supporting the establishment of associations of micro and small enterprises (SMEs) and strengthening existing ones, in particular in rural areas.

R3. The capabilities of actors of ecological food chains, have been strengthened ( Andean grains, fruit, management of tropical forests;

R4. The supply of organic products for export has been improved, in particular in all the links of the chain related to Andean grains, organic fruit and Brazil nuts (Chestnut);

R5. Practices of sustainable use of natural resources and the conservation of the ecosystem and biological diversity have been implemented.