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Training services to public officers and civil society operating in the Security and Justice sectors


  • Project: Training services to public officers and civil society operating in the Security and Justice sectors
  • Contracting Authority : European Union
  • Location : Guatemala
  • Period: 2014-2016

Project Description

The contract’s objective is the improvement of the professional capabilities of public officials and civil society organizations operating in the justice and security sector through seminars, lectures, certificates, masters and interchange of experiences and publications in order to achieve a better and more proper efficiency in their activities for a better coordinated, more accessible and transparent justice.

Expected Results

R1. Accessibility to justice for crime victims, as well as integral victim assistance process, have been enhanced by improving the legal translation and cultural competence services, as well as the capabilities of judges, DAs, lawyers and other professionals involved in the victim assistance program.

R2. Availability of highly qualified professionals capable of drafting reliable reports in criminal enquires in a reasonable amount of time and capable of collaborating with similarly trained members of the Public Ministry (MP) and the National Civil Police (PNC) on a higher number of unresolved criminal cases, including murder and corruption.

R3. Enhancement of the prison system through training of its employees, allowing a higher number of convicts to benefit from rehabilitation, reeducation and social reinsertion programs.

R4. Enhancement of the technical capabilities of the members of the “Unidad para la Prevención Comunitaria de la Violencia” and of the “Comisiones de Prevención de la Violencia” in order to actualize the violence prevention programs by supporting territorial interventions. At the same time, journalists have been trained to handle communication of violent crime-related information without being disrespectful to the victims’ rights, especially if the victims are underage or under trial.