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Support to the National Development Plan of Indigenous People


  • Project: Support to the National Development Plan of Indigenous People
  • Contracting Authority : World Bank/Republic of Panama
  • Location : Panama
  • Period: 2020-2023

Project description

The objective of the Project is to strengthen: (i) the capacity of the Indigenous Authorities in order to plan and implement development projects and programmes for indigenous territories, and (ii) strengthen the provision of selected public services in line with the vision and priorities outlined in the Integral Development Plan for Indigenous Peoples.

The Project is circumscribed to Axes 1 (Legal Policy) and 3 (Social interventions) of the Plan and foresees investments in order to improve good governance, education, health, water and sanitation, so it has a multisectoral scope contributing: (i) in the short term, to close infrastructure gaps prioritized by indigenous authorities and communities; (ii) in the medium term, improve the quality and relevance of services; and (iii) in the long term, transform the relations between the Government and the Indigenous Authorities to work as partners of their development.

In each sector, the Project will finance multilevel interventions, including the execution of civil works, supply of equipment, development of regulatory and technical instruments, and training of key service providers or actors, among the most relevant.


  1. Component 1: Institutional strengthening and good governance capacity for the government and indigenous authorities, with the objective of contributing to the first pillar of the Plan by enhancing the capacity of the government and indigenous authorities to carry out the key governance functions, necessary to improve opportunities and living conditions of indigenous territories.
  2. Component 2: Improving the quality and cultural relevance of the provision of public education, health, water and sanitation services in indigenous territories.
  3. Component 3: Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, to ensure that the overall project management meets the expected range of investments, is agile and transparent, maintaining an effective participation and coordination among key stakeholders.