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Technical Assistance to Support Social Cohesion in Panama


  • Project: Technical Assistance to Support Social Cohesion in Panama
  • Contracting Authority : European Commission
  • Location : Panama
  • Period: 2011-2015


The Project objective is “to contribute to the reduction of social and territorial imbalances in the framework of institutional modernisation processes and social cohesion policies of the Country. In order to contribute to the achievement of this objective, the Programme foresees two main specific lines and three expected results: To focus the present intervention on a specific groups of municipal districts: Municipalities are conceived has territorial spaces composed by three types of relations:

i) socio-cultural: among different social groups and cultures which share the same territory;

ii) socio-environmental: between population and natural systems;

iii) politic-administrative: between municipality and province and between province and the country. The project intervention shall try to reduce the existing imbalances in such relations, in order to contribute to realise a municipality as an human community socially and territorially cohesioned and coherent with environment. Strengthening of social capital: in order to build a cohesioned municipal scenario, such intervention shall strength the reliability, dialogue, collaboration and coordination among main actors involved in local development, mainly public institutions, local authorities and non-state actors.


Result 1. Public institutions are strengthened coordination capabilities, articulation and complementarity for implementation of social policies and ACN in the territory.

Result 2. Municipal governments and civil society are organised having capabilities for democratic and participative management of local development.

Result 3. Vulnerable populations have improved condition of life receiving proper social services, throughout new sustainable incomes.